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5 Things All Small Businesses Must Know About Big Data [Mashable]

Confused about Big Data? You’re not the only one. For most small business owners, Big Data is one big mystery. And if you don’t understand Big Data, you probably also have no clue how this type of intelligence gathering works or how to start extracting valuable information from data sources you already have — which means your business is missing out on big opportunities.

To help you make sense of what Big Data is all about and how it can aid you in making better business decisions, here are five of the most baffling things about Big Data demystified.


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Who’s Afraid of Data-Driven Management? [HBR]

From a management perspective, making decisions based on data is a clear win. Yet it’s often difficult to adopt a data-informed culture. In every organization, there are teams and employees who embrace this transition, and those who undermine it. To convert your biggest data skeptics, the first step is to understand the psychology of their resistance.

A data insight without a subsequent action is like a key without someone to turn it: worthless. A good data scientist can identify which coworkers will use insights from data to open new doors for the business, and which will continue to rely on intuition. This is because employees who act on data will do so for two main reasons: to improve their perceived or actual performance


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The 4 keys to running a data-driven business [VentureBeat]

Today, businesses have access to data far beyond anything data-focused corporations had 20 years ago. The massive amounts of valuable data garnered from things like staff behavior and customer interactions can become a company’s biggest competitive advantage.

But how many of us are making the best use of that data? A data-driven approach to business means using all that information to optimize existing business goals and investigate new possibilities. This can mean conducting frequent experiments to make sure you’re selling as much of your current offerings as possible. Such tests can be as simple as checking whether to put the mustard on the shelf next to the ketchup or the hot dogs or as sophisticated as testing whether a feature personalized for each visitor to a webpage can raise both engagement and revenue.


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Three keys to building a data-driven strategy [Mckinsey]

Executives should focus on targeted efforts to source data, build models, and transform organizational culture.

Big data and analytics have climbed to the top of the corporate agenda. Together, they promise to transform the way companies do business, delivering the kind of performance gains last seen in the 1990s, when organizations redesigned their core processes. And as data-driven strategies take hold, they will become an increasingly important point of competitive differentiation.

In our work with dozens of companies in six data-rich industries, we have found that fully exploiting data and analytics requires three mutually supportive capabilities. First, companies must be able to identify, combine, and manage multiple sources of data. Second, they need the capability to build advanced-analytics models for predicting and optimizing outcomes. Third, and most critical, management must possess the muscle to transform the organization so that the data and models actually yield better decisions. Two important features underpin those competencies: a clear strategy for how to use data and analytics to compete and the deployment of the right technology architecture and capabilities.


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New Grappster is coming soon

We are at the moment developing a completely new Grappster based on the feedback we have been collecting in these past months.

Our new product will make a next step in the integration of cloud apps. We realized that only an overview over your cloud apps will not give you the best information possible that is available across your systems. Therefore, we will focus more in mapping entities across systems and with that, be able to give you reports and overview with data across cloud apps.

All kind of input is very important for us in this stage, so we would love to hear your story and use case so that we steer the development to fit your needs.

The Grappster Team

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Hello blog!

Grappster has a new blog!

Grappster is a revolutionary internet start page where you can have an overview of your online apps.

Here you will read about new features, updates, new apps and more.

Enjoy it!

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